The clean look and functional aspects of shutters make them a popular choice with today's consumers. Shutters provide privacy and protection from the sun while adding elegance to your home. When remodeling, updating or covering windows in a new home or office, consider shutters because they work well in all types of residential and commercial environments.

They can be installed over French doors, sliding glass doors and can be used in wet areas. Customization should not be overlooked when making an investment that enhances the value of your home. Options available include louver size, hidden tilt-rods, stain or paint color selections and various framing styles that accomodate a variety of window opening shapes.

There are several types of raw materials being used to manufacture shutters. Each type has its specific application, benefits, and shortcomings. As an example, wood shutters are traditional for that rich finish look. Although they are more costly to fabricate then man-made synthetics. Synthetics such as polycore shutters are impervious to moisture and won't crack or warp. Also, polycore shutters have a higher insulating factor than wood shutters providing better energy efficiency offering lower utility bills.

Polycore Shutters

Who says nothing can beat real wood? For many years quality shutters have meant quality wood. Not anymore! Modern technology took the wood right out of shutters. This means better quality for the consumer and greater protection of our most valuable natural resources. Using polycore helps reduce the depletions of the world's forests. Also, gone are the aging effects of wood-splitting, warping and cracking. Polycore offers not only an alternative to wood, but a product far superior, an engineered, recyclable wood substitute. This insures the protection of our environment in the process. With our forests being consumed at an alarming rate polycore actually stops the cycle, proving that you don't have to destroy a tree or pollute the air to have a beautiful shutter. Money doesn't grow on trees, and do shutters. Not anymore.

     - Insulating 3x better than wood
     - Moisture & fire resistant
     - Environmentally friendly
     - Completely recyclable
     - UL tested, UV protected
     - No lead
     - Lowest rating in a burn test
     - Easy care & maintenance
     - Import & made in the USA
     - Warranted


Wood Shutters

Some will argue that man-made material cannot duplicate wood's natural beauty and performance. In a world of synthetics and imitations, it is refreshing to know that there is timeless beauty in natural hardwood shutters. We offer only the finest materials combined with traditional craftsmanship and hand-sanding. The finishing process follows the same for fine furniture but with an environmentally friendly approach. The result is a smooth and beautiful shutter, distinction you can see and feel. A variety of special timbers are available to compliment your taste and decor.

     - Basswood
     - Alder

Warranty information for Sunland Shutters
     - Lexwood
     - Lexwood Plus
     - Polycore